System Automation

Automation ends confusion and doesn’t need to cost a lot

Universal RemoteAspen Home Electronics specializes in programming remote controls like the Universal Remote Control brand. This powerful remote control can automate the most complex systems but it’s my programming that creates the function so intuitive that instruction sheets usually aren’t needed. It all boils down to one question, “What do you want to do?”

Part-time owners and renters are not afraid to grab this remote and relax. Custom instructions can be written at the owners request.

I’ve heard many complaints about touch-screen remotes from clients. Most complaints are about the programming, not the actual remote. Even the best product will work poorly if the programming is shabby. The second complaint is that the original installer will not return to correct small mistakes or make minor updates. These complaints are not issues for Aspen Home Electronics because our programming is excellent and we respond quickly to all customer concerns.

Homes so large that they need a keypad system are now being controlled by an app on your i-Pad. But complex doesn’t have to mean confusing. We have removed many “over-the-top” sophisticated (and outdated) systems, replacing them with stand-alone video systems and an i-Pad. Easy to operate and reliable.

The Rush to i-Pods® and i-Pads®

ipodJust a few years ago there was a big movement away from touch-screen remote controls to programmable remotes that had more “hard” buttons. People appreciated the slim, ergonomic design that gave tactile confirmation of button location. Now there is almost a manic rush to get the i-Pad®, i-Touch®, or smart phone to do everything.

Well, OK then. Aspen Home Electronics can do that. Several of the companies we work with have developed interface applications for these devices. We can design a system that best suits your equipment and control needs.

Watch these videos on YouTube to see what URC mobile app can do for you.

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