The House as a Whole

Many times the homeowner will call the cable company to fix a cable problem or the satellite company to fix a satellite problem. They come in and make sure their equipment is working but pay no attention to the whole picture. They will ignore deeper issues that may be causing problems and even disable other competing companies distribution systems to make theirs work.

Aspen Home Electronics considers the house as a whole to make sure everything works together. We go far beyond what these vendors are willing to do, running cables where they need to be and providing services that get the outcome you desire.

I will call in these vendor companies if it proves more economical for them to do the work rather than me, but you should always have me oversee the project because we view all of the equipment in the home as a whole.

 Kevin has done several projects for us over the years. He has always responded to our needs with prompt service. He is very knowledgeable of current and past consumer electronics which gives him the expertise to troubleshoot problems effortlessly. I will not hesitate to call him in the future.

~Ute Place Maintenance Supervisor

Leon Authorized Dealer
Samsung Authorized Dealer
Sonos Authorized Dealer
Marantz Authorized Dealer
Klipsch Authorized Dealer
Jamo Authorized Dealer
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