It Doesn’t Take a Giant Company to Complete a Big Job.

For larger installations, Aspen Home Electronics occasionally uses trusted local subcontractors and laborers under our direct supervision. You are charged only for the time these helpers are actually working on your job. We are fully insured and licensed.

A smaller company has lower overhead which equates to lower charges. You get fewer management layers, greater flexibility, and more time serving clients. It doesn’t take a massive team to turn a mass of wires into a clean, functional data center like the one shown below.

With Aspen Home Electronics you talk to the same person every time you call. You get exactly what you asked for because the person you related your needs to is the same person who orders the equipment and oversees the installation.

This personal involvement leads to a faster assessment of the situation, continuity of service, and speedy completion of the job. In addition, it also aids in presenting solutions based on your known personal preferences. Redesign and changes are easy and fast.

Structured wiring is completed with technologies applicable to today’s standards that include audio, video, cable, satellite, phone, and computer network distribution. Wall plates are trimmed out with Leviton Quick-Ports that provide a host of on-site, easily changed configurations.

Wiring beforeWiring After

Remodel Specialist

We specialize in getting wires where they need to be with the minimum of damage to walls and structure. Many times a wireless solution is available. We can bring today’s technology into a home with yesterday’s wiring.

We willingly make short service calls and multiple visits to get wires and outlets where needed at that critical moment of your project.

We try to minimize cost by reusing serviceable components if the owner desires. We will also install equipment purchased directly by the owner. Manufacturers warranties apply only to new equipment. See my policies regarding owner purchased equipment.

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