Equipment Upgrades

Aspen Home Electronics is an “Authorized” dealer for everything we sell.

This means we pass along the full manufactures warranty to you. Already purchased your own equipment. We have no problem with that. We will install it just the same ( See my policies regarding owner purchased equipment).

Are you ready for the newest 4K, Ultra-High Definition experience? We can get you there for just about the same price as the on-line discounter.

Installations are of the highest quality -all wires hidden in the walls.

We can replace your aging projector with the largest flat-screen Ultra High Definition, OLED TV
availaSamsung Ultra High Deffinition TVble. Aren’t you tired of sitting in the dark trying to make out an image while listening to the projector fan roaring in your ear?

How about a TV for the kitchen hanging below the cabinets? Even if there is not cable outlet nearby we can get a TV there.

We also offer solutions for improving the audio quality and clarity.

Poor sound quality is one of the biggest complaints we hear and we have solutions. Because flat-screen TV’s have such tiny speakers they can be hard to understand. We also loose our ability to distinguish sounds with age.  The Sonos, PLAYBAR, adds quality and clarity, not just volume. It’s so simple to operate you only need your cable box remote control.


We can quickly create an entire wireless surround sound system system this is still just as easy to operate just by adding a subwoofer and wireless rear speakers.

With the Sonos, PLAYBAR you also get an entire music system making all of the music in the world available to you. It operates with a simple app on your iPad, Smart Phone or computer.

Even if you just want to add an AppleTV we are the folks to call. No job is too small.

Our clients also enjoy free phone support. We will do our best to fix any issue over the phone but if a service call is needed we can usually respond within a day or two.

Leon Authorized Dealer
Samsung Authorized Dealer
Sonos Authorized Dealer
Marantz Authorized Dealer
Klipsch Authorized Dealer
Jamo Authorized Dealer
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