Why Realtors Refer Their Clients To Aspen Home Electronics

Aspen Home Electronics UpgradeHome sellers frequently leave behind old TV’s, non-functioning keypad systems and other obsolete electronics. Aspen home buyers are frequently presented with a tangled mass of wires protruding from the walls here and there, and no idea what they’ve got or how to use it. They turn to the one person in town they know, their trusted realtor, for advice. They have confidence that you won’t steer them wrong. Many local realtors call Aspen Home Electronics with the confidence that we will arrive fast and provide simple solutions for their clients’ needs.

Professionally written, full color, Custom Instructions might be all they need to enjoy today’s technology. We scan the remote controls then add simplified, understandable instructions with highlights, arrows, and color to make controlling their equipment easy and less intimidating. You may download my general instruction sheets for Comcast and Direct TV here.

Showcasing a property for sale is more important than ever. But, nothing screams “old” more than old TV’s. Home sellers neglect their audio/video equipment to save any further expense on the property. However, the last thing a home buyer wants to do is spend a ton of money and time updating the A/V equipment as soon as they move in. Give your company the edge by updating the TV’s and making sure the audio system works.

Call Aspen Home Electronics for a thorough inspection and comprehensive upgrade proposal today.

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