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Automated home electronic systemsYou want to update your television to take advantage of the newest features you’ve heard about but are intimidated about learning how it all works. Does learning about all of the new technology sound exhausting?

Aspen Home Electronics will help you sort it all out…right in the comfort of your own home. Then we offer a proposal including the necessary installation requirements. Finally we deliver and install it but we don’t leave until you’re comfortable with the operation. In addition, we’re just a phone call away. Because we know your system we can easily guide you thru the operation.

The icing on the cake: If you need us, we’ll be right there. Usually service calls can be made the same or next day.

Keeping it simple. Making it work.

We are very excited to be Aspen’s authorized dealer for the Sonos Wireless HiFi System.

Whole-home audio systems just a few years old are severely out-of-date, difficult to operate, and do not take advantage of the music available via the Internet today.

I have replaced many ultra sophisticated systems with Sonos and get exceptionally positive results.

How large of a system can be simplified?

Sonos home electronic systemsThere really is no end to how large a system can be simplified with Sonos and URC. We can take an unwieldy Crestron system and reduce it to just a few Sonos modules, putting all the music in the world right at your finger tips, each room still being able to choose what is played separately. We can incorporate your old Escient, Fireball system, satellite music, and iPod’s but chances are you’ll no longer use those cumbersome systems. Learn more about E-cycling.

An entire surround sound system can be created in moments and controlled with a basic remote control and sound awesome.

Each system is uniquely designed with your unique needs in mind. Costs are usually one quarter that of a Crestron or Savant system.

The photo at the top of the page shows an iPod-Mini controlling the Sonos music system and a Universal Remote Control to operate the TV equipment. Also notice the professionally written instruction sheet. Property managers and Realtors alike really appreciate a simple system because it ends the headache of repeated service calls.

These software driven systems can be easily updated without the need for expensive reprogramming.

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Sonos Authorized Dealer
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