Structured Wiring is Essential But Not Expensive

Aspen Home ElectronicsWhether it be a simple remodel or construction from the ground up, wiring a house for today’s electronics does require a specific knowledge base very different from what an electrician or other trade can offer. Neglecting this important aspect of any project can lead to client disappointment stemming from simple wiring errors. Be sure to use the right tradesman for the job.

Large home-electronics companies would have you believe these services must be complex and expensive. Their priority is winning awards. Their methods include selling flashy (and very expensive), often unreliable automation systems using entry-level employees. You need to know there is a viable, reasonable, reliable alternative.

That’s where Aspen Home Electronics comes in. From beginning to end you and your client deal with the same person so every detail receives proper attention. You get the same top-level technician in every aspect of the project.

Distributed video is a thing of the past

Back in the day when a VCR cost over $1000.00 an AV company would use one centrally located VCR to feed all of the TV’s in the house. The same was true for DVD Players and satellite receivers. This required a massive, very expensive distribution system costing tens of thousands of dollars.

But those days are long past. DVD players and satellite receivers are much more reasonable priced so you can put one in each room. Putting them close to the TV will provide the highest quality resolution without expensive distribution equipment. If you have a video distribution system only a few years old chances are it is not giving you the picture quality available today.

In addition, most of the signal providers do offer a whole-home connection system thru their own equipment. However, as video streaming becomes more main-stream, satellite and cable will probably fade away too.

Let me show you how cost effective it is to change to stand-alone video system. This gives the best picture, simplest operation, and most reliable service.

We are so pleased with your level of knowledge and expertise! There are some businesses in the Valley which purport to know a great deal, but when it comes down to professionalism, knowledge, promptness, and above all courtesy – you are the MAN! I will never buy anything from anyone else or let anyone else work on our system.

~Basalt Homeowner

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