Mounting TV’s in non-recommended places

Aspen Home Electronics will mount a TV just about anywhere you want it. However, be aware that the manufacturer warranty only covers defects in material and workmanship for a specific period of time. This does not cover damage from heat, moisture, or harsh environments.

While we have mounted TV’s in pool areas, above fireplaces, and outdoors, we do not cover any damage to the TV from the environment in those locations. The liability is yours. Some TV’s are specifically made for outdoor use. The Terms and Conditions of the Warranty should be carefully read and understood.

Because of the fire risk we will only install TV/s above your fireplace if the walls are still open and we can run the cables between two pieces of sheet rock.

Buying or Supplying Your Own Equipment

Just so you know, here is the official policy:

We are always happy to install equipment you have purchased elsewhere. However, please keep in mind that if it doesn’t come from Aspen Home Electronics, you are responsible for dealing with the seller concerning any damage or defects that might be encountered. In addition, many Internet sellers are not authorized dealers of the equipment they sell and the manufacturer will not honor their warranty. Even though we have provided links (like the B&H link above) to sources to buy equipment through this website, service needs are still between you and the seller.

If we sell you the product and it arrives damaged or defective you’ll never know because we will handle the replacement. Aspen Home Electronics is an authorized dealer for everything we sell so you are assured of the full manufacturers warranty.

Leon Authorized Dealer
Samsung Authorized Dealer
Sonos Authorized Dealer
Marantz Authorized Dealer
Klipsch Authorized Dealer
Jamo Authorized Dealer
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