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As a servicer we are called to repair or replace defective components. We see what breaks down and what lasts in the field. The products shown below are the brands that we prefer for quality, the most reliable service, and ease of use. We also deal with the companies and know who backs up their equipment with proper service.

The products we recommend are not necessarily the most expensive product available. These are current consumer products from companies with proven track records.

Leading Edge, Not Bleeding Edge:

The “latest and greatest” product in the audiophile world is usually not the right product for the average homeowner. There is a point at which equipment costs soar but the benefit doesn’t. In fact, the reliability of the product drops dramatically. Frequently these bleeding-edge products are prototypes from a company with a poor service record.

Preferred Audio Equipment

Sonos Authorized DealerSonos®sonos controller is a Whole-Home-Audio system that can be completely wireless stand-alone system or can be melded into your current Whole-Home system. It allows you to stream any music from the Internet including your favorite Pandora® stations, i-Tunes®, or any music you’ve saved on your phone, i-Pad®, or i-Pod®. The music is controlled by a very easy-to-operate app.

If you have a Sonos Wireless Music System at home it will be the same control with the same music. I have replaced many sophisticated systems to create easy-to-use, familiar Whole-Home Audio systems.

Sonos Playbar augments the sound quality of a flat-Panel TV and can create a wireless theater system in minutes.

Call for an In-Home appointment so I can design a system and offer a unique proposal that meets your exact needs. We sell at Internet pricing so you’re guaranteed the lowest cost.

If you have a Sonos Wireless HiFi System adding a room is a simple as plugging in a PLAY-3 OR PLAY-5. Sonos.com offers Free Shipping on all Sonos Wireless Music Players with code: SNSFS13.

Marantz Surround Receivers are our choice for audio receivers..

Marantz Authorized DealerMarantz ReceiverDiscover a thrilling new dimension in surround sound with the NR1606 A/V Receiver, which features Dolby Atmos immersive surround decoding, delivering breathtaking surround sound with today’s advanced movie soundtracks. With Dolby Atmos you’ll experience the same revolutionary 3D surround sound found in premium movie theaters, with the ability to create an overhead surround soundfield that dramatically expands the sonic space.

Aspen Home Electronics is an authorized Marantz dealer.

They also have basic stereo models available. These are useful for Whole-House-Audio systems. In those cases simplicity is more important that surround sound and confusing “bells and whistles.”

Programmable Remote Controls

universal remoteWe prefer Universal Remote Controls. We can program these to operate any remotely controlled equipment. These versatile remotes also allow for two-way communication with your PC and i-Pod® metadata. The screens can be configured with buttons and labels that you choose. 2-way feedback from your equipment, like i-pod’s, can be displayed in real-time on the LCD.

These remote controls are ergonomically designed and far less expensive than most other remotes of this type. There are many models and price ranges. They are easy to understand because they resemble the basic remote control that is included with your cable box or satellite receiver. However, it’s our programming that makes these remotes truly a wonder.

URC also has In-Wall Touch-Screens that mirror the screen on the remote to display pertinent information like song title, cover art, and source.

Preferred Video Equipment

Samsung Authorized DealerSamsung LED, LCD TV’s are only 1.2″ thick and have a very narrow bezel around the edge. Samsung has video streaming capability with built-in WiFi. Many models are capable of 3D, and Skype.

Samsung’s AllShare lets you sync up many of your DLNA-enabled digital devices so you can access music, movies and photos right on your Samsung TV screen. Files on your PC, camera and mobile devices can wirelessly and effortlessly be available right on your TV. The new curved screens enhance 3D viewing.

Sharp Authorized DealerSharp LED TVSharp, the inventor of LCD TV’s, is our choice for extra large flat-screen TV’s. They are usually a year ahead of other companies in research and development. They introduced the LED backlighting system that caused colors to be more accurate, the TV to use 60% less power, and produce far less heat. Then they made a monumental engineering breakthrough by adding a fourth color pixel. This new Quad-Pixel Technology enables a vast array of colors to be seen for the first time.

Current Sharp TV’s also have Netflix video streaming and a media player. Sharp is a very reliable brand. You can get an 80″ LED TV for under $4,000.00

Projectors vs Flat TV’s:

With the perfection of LCD TV’s and sizes up to 90 inches and larger, the need for projectors is dwindling. Projectors still have a place if you have a dedicated home theater but they still have annoying fans and required darkened rooms. If needed, we recommend Epson. However, in most cases an LCD flat screen TV is preferred.

Custom built speakers to match the width and color of any TV.

Leon Authorized DealerLeon Matching Soundbars – When you want it to look just right. Aspen’s locally Authorized Dealer.

Leon’s Horizon™ Series speakers are custom built to match the exact width and finish of every flat-panel TV. Combining left, center and right channels all in one sleek cabinet, the Horizon™ Series is the ideal solution for Living Space home theater systems and everyday TV viewing.

Designed to accommodate the latest ultra-thin LCD and LED TVs, the Horizon Ultra-Thin speakers are all less than 2″ deep. Now, high-fidelity audio can be enjoyed without sacrificing the sleek look that makes these displays desirable. A variety of mounting options gives us flexibility in creating the ultimate clean look.

We are authorized dealers for Triad, Klipsch, Jamo, JBL, and many other brands of speakers. This gives us the flexibility to design the system just right for you.

DVD Players

There are over fifteen formats of DVD’s. DVD Players just a few years old will probably only play about eight formats. Updating your DVD player is inexpensive and adds a lot of capabilities to your media system. Samsung Blu-Ray DVD players are my pick.

Besides playing all current formats of DVD’s, these Blu-Ray High-Definition players also connect you to movies streamed from BlockBuster, Netflix, and YouTube, plus audio from Pandora. Many Samsung models are capable of 4k upscaling.

They are EnergyStar compliant. They even have a wall-mountable unit.

Leon Authorized Dealer
Samsung Authorized Dealer
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