The Magic Fix-it Secret

You can fix 85% of your electronic problems just by pulling the plug, then plugging it back in a few seconds later.

That’s the “magic” fix-it secret.

After sitting unused for some time, as most second homes do, a software based product will frequently lock-up. A forced shutdown will cause the equipment to restart it’s software and return to proper operation.

Resetting Unresponsive equipment:

Satellite receivers:
These devices need frequent resetting. So much so, that the satellite receivers now have a built in red RESET button on the font panel (usually behind a door). Press the reset button. This will cause the satellite receiver to reset, do some internal testing, and download a fresh channel guide file. If there is more of a problem the screen may display an “error code number” and ask you to call them. The phone number on the screen will ask for this number. Their phone system can frequently correct the problem automatically.

Comcast Cable boxes:
Cable boxes also frequently need to be reset. In this case you must pull the power cord either out of the box, or out of the AC outlet. Let the unit rest for 30-seconds then plug it back it. It should be functioning within a few minutes. The Guide and Menu functions may take up to an hour to repopulate. However, frequently you will need to call Comcast (1-800-comcast) and have them reset the equipment from their end.

DVD Players:
DVD company’s will send software updates to DVD players that are connected to the Internet. Sometimes the DVD player will automatically look for an update as soon as it is turned on. Allow it to complete this process. Unplugging the device during this process is not recommended. Resets, and software downloads can be accomplished through the DVD players menu if needed.

Resetting Network Equipment & Modems

Resetting network and Internet related devices is a bit harder because power needs to be restored in the right order.

To restore your home network you should unplug every device and let them sit for several minutes.. This includes, wireless routers, network switches, modems, your computer, and wireless antennas. If you can not identify these pieces you should call your computer or network specialist.

Begin restoring power to each device in line from your signal providers modem to your computer. Allow each device to reset fully before restoring power to the next device.

Resetting a Skybeam antenna:
Many wireless Internet providers have an antenna with their modem built in. The only thing you see in the house is an AC adapter in the line that comes from the antenna. This may be hard to identify. Call them. They will be happy to walk you through the process and make sure your network is running again.

Resetting remote controls

Programmable remote controls may need to be reset if they have sat in the charger, unused for many months. In some cases you can snap off the back cover, unplug the battery for a few seconds, plug it back in and it will be good to go.

If the battery compartment is not immediately accessible look for an On/Off switch along the edge that you can slide off and then on to rest the device.

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