What’s New with DIRECTV

DirectvProgress frequently comes with a price:

Because there are so many satellites in slightly different spots your old satellite dish may need to be re-aligned or replaced with a more up-to-date version. Customers have been experiencing “pixilization” due to low signal strength. If you are experiencing difficulties, give me a call.

In addition, dish-heaters that are attached to the front of the dish, a common practice in the past, will actually change the dish shape enough to cause problems receiving the new signals.

Satellite Dish Heaters

A satellite dish heater is a thin film that applies like a decal to the satellite dish. A thermostat turns it on when it’s cold. These are helpful in most snowfall cases. However, when we get those major snowfalls (12″ in a few hours) they just can’t keep up. I do recommenced a dish heater for any satellite dish installed in an location that can not be reached safely in the winter.

The time to think about a satellite dish heater is the summer. We are pretty reluctant to climb up on a snowy roof in the winter.

Heaters on front of dish now impact signal strength.

Many HD channels have been transferred to a new satellite launched recently. Because of this satellites satellite dish heater location you may encounter very low signal on some HD channels. This requires the dish to be retuned. In addition, until recently, it was common practice to install dish heaters on the front of the satellite dish. This now impacts the signal strength. Also, an inspection of your dish heater will reveal deterioration of the heater by the sun (pictured here). The satellite dish itself needs to be replaced with a new heater installed on the back. Because satellite dish’s have been upgraded several times in the past few years it is a good idea to have your dish upgraded anyway. Call for an appointment and a quote to have this done before winter.

DIRECTV Parts Company With XM Radio

In the Spring on 2010 DIRECTV stopped offering XM Radio as their music choices. They do still offer a good selection of digital music but the type of music and the channel it’s on has changed. You’ll need to download an updated music channel guide.

Content providers change music stations frequently. Streaming your music is a better choice for most consumers now.

For those of you with “favorite channel” buttons pre-programmed in your automated remote control we will need to adjust the channels and descriptions to reflect the current offerings.

Sirius & XM Radio

Since the merger of Sirius and XM satellite radio in 2007 many XM products have been discontinued. The way we receive XM has also changed. It is more common to stream XM via the Internet than use an actual tuner at home. We might be able to make upgrades to your audio equipment that will save you money and offer more content.

Watch out for “AUTO RENEW”

Sirius will sign you up to auto renew your yearly subscription automatically. Next year, when the “auto renew” the cost of your service will double without your consent. To avoid this expense call them before your renewal date and cancel your service. You will be connected to a manager who then offers you a better price just to keep your business. This is just the game they play. Renegotiate.

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